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 Guided Hypnosis, and Meditation

A gentle approach to positive change




Holi Cow Teachings is a wellness collective that specialises in Guided Hypnosis and Guided Meditation.


Using a unique combination of relaxation, visualisation, and hypnotherapy techniques, Holi Cow Teachings provides bespoke tailored recordings that will facilitate the listener to access the creative resources of their subconscious mind to help them on their way to long-lasting, positive change.

Based on the concept of the mind-body connection, our recordings are a gentle and safe tool used to assist individuals on their journey to self-improvement.


To read more about Guided Hypnosis and how it can benefit you click here

"Trust your unconscious, it knows more than you do"

Milton H. Erickson

Areas we can help with

Positive thinking
Performance Improvement
Self Belief/Self Esteem
Self Confidence
Habit Modification
Pain Management


How we help

We will start by finding out what areas you want to work on and any goals you want to achieve. Then, we will ask a few simple questions to determine how best to engage and relax you before creating a personal and tailored  recording for you to download and listen to whenever and wherever you choose.

No hypnotherapeutic or meditative techniques should ever be regarded as a substitute for professional medical care. They should always be seen as complementary - Results may vary from person to person.


"The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination"
Carl Rogers 

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