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The Power of the Subconscious Mind: The Habit Trap

Updated: Nov 15, 2021


One of the Subconscious mind’s responsibilities is to take over the running of repetitive and predictable behaviours so that you no longer have to consciously think about them, allowing us to get on with other necessary tasks. This process is the only way we can survive and function, with so much information around us to process and react to on a momentary basis, from making our breakfast to making our way to where we need to go, it is the only way we can manage.

Not only is this process essential to our functioning but it also a process that can happen very quickly with minimal effort and before we know it the subconscious has taken a voluntary, behaviour and turned it into a habit for our benefit, however, if the conscious mind, the analytical mind, later figures out that there is a problem with this behaviour, the Subconscious won’t know it, and will just continue repeating it.

Your subconscious doesn’t challenge, it does not argue nor does it reason, it uses experiences to create a reality and that is how we know what we know. So how do you create a new reality? How do you change unhelpful habits? With a lot of conscious effort that's how! People tend to believe that the solution to undoing such problematic behaviours is self-control, and will power, however, habits account for 95% of our behaviour, emotions, beliefs, and automation actions which are repeated daily, therefore self-control alone means you are effectively pitting 5 percent of your mind against 95 percent, it’s a battle that is far beyond our control and one we are often destined to lose.

Have you ever noticed how there may be things that you want to change and the more you think about it the harder they become? Yet, if you now, recall a time when something just clicked and you overcame something detrimental to you without really realising it at the time? It just sorted its self out...? Well, let me tell you that is the magic of the subconscious.

All that anxiety, stress, pressure and negativity, is just more time and effort being put into the very thing you do not want to exist anymore. You're giving those external conditions and circumstances more attention and effort, feeding their existence. Think of a pimple, no one has ever successfully rid themselves of an unsightly pimple by constantly doing things to it. You ignore it by focussing on something else and eventually it goes away. Just stop. Take a step back, give yourself a break, and when you are ready, start looking inwards.

To undo unwanted behaviours and habits you have to replace negative patterns with positive patterns, before the old habit returns. To do this without relying on will power alone you have to utilise the power of the subconscious. It is your greatest tool after all!

Imagery is the dominant natural language of the subconscious, it uses the language of symbols, pictures, and metaphors to communicate ideas to your conscious mind. That is what dreams are. You can reprogram your mind with positive images. Your subconscious mind accepts images as reality, it does not know the difference. Therefore, holistic therapies such as guided imagery, visualisation, and hypnotherapy, all of which carefully use relaxation techniques and hypnosis techniques to bypass the conscious mind in conjunction with creative language skills to evoke and create powerful images, can communicate with the subconscious, instead of battling with willpower.

Positive suggestions offered to an individual receiving such therapy are received and accepted by the subconscious mind like seeds being planted into nutritious soil, these seeds will grow bigger and stronger until they do not require so much attention and eventually become part of their surroundings, the mind.


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